Board Report Attachments


ENROLLMENT (Including Fall 2016) FORMAT
Attachments 1-8* EXCEL
   1-1 Student Level  
  1-2 Annual Unduplicated Headcount  
  1-3 Gender  
  1-4 Race/Ethnicity  
  1-5 Age  
  1-6 Attendance Status  
  1-7 Fall FTE Enrollment  
  1-8 Annual FTE Enrollment  
Attachments A-O - Please Note that All Attachment data was Calculated Using the Test Score Method EXCEL
  1-A Anytime Remediation Rates for the 2016 Fall Term  
  1-B Anytime Remediation Rates by Year for Five (5) Fall Terms (2012 Fall – 2016 Fall)  
  1-C Anytime Remediation Rates for Math  
  1-D Anytime Remediation Rates for English  
  1-E Anytime Remediation Rates for Reading  
  1-F Anytime Remediation Rates by Gender  
  1-G Anytime Remediation Rates by Race/Ethnicity  
  1-H Anytime Remediation Rates by Age  
  1-I Anytime Remediation Rates by Attend Status  
  1-J Two-Year Remediation Rates  
  1-K One-Year Remediation Rates  
  1-L Remediation Rates by County of Residence (Anytime, 2-Year, and 1-Year Rates)  
  1-M Anytime Remediation Rates by High School District (Anytime, 2-Year, and 1-Year Rates)  
  1-N Act 970 Report on Remediation Rates of Students with High School GPA of 3.00 or Higher  
  1-O Remediation Attempts: How Many Times a Student was Enrolled in a Remedial Course and Remediation Attempts: For Students that Passed, How Many Attempts Did It Take to Pass?  
Attachments A-E* EXCEL
  2-A Credentials Awarded, Last Five (5) Years  
  2-B Credentials Awarded by Gender  
  2-C Credentials Awarded by Race/Ethnicity  
  2-D Credentials Awarded by Degree Code, Public Institutions Only  
  2-E Credentials Awarded by CIP Code, All Institutions  
Attachments A-H* EXCEL
  3-A Fall-to-Fall Retention Rates for Cohort Students and Remediate Students  
  3-B Statewide Fall-to-Fall Retention Rates for Cohort Students  
  3-C Graduation and Success Rates  
  3-D Graduation and Success Rates BY GENDER  
  3-E Graduation and Success Rates BY RACE/ETHNICITY  
  3-F Graduation and Success Rates BY AGE  
  3-G Graduation and Success Rates for Remediated and Non-Remediated Students  
  3-H IPEDS GRS (Graduation Rate Survey)  
Attachments A-C* EXCEL
  4-A Student Level  
  4-B Annual Unduplicated Headcount  
  4-C Gender  
Attachments A-H* EXCEL
  5-A CGR by Institution  
  5-B AR CGR History  
  5-C NCES Digest_Table 302.10  
  5-D CGR by Race Gender  
  5-E CGR by HS County  
  5-F CGR by HS District  
  5-G Where They Attend  
  5-H CGR Ark History By Institution  

*Please Note: Each attachment will be found on it's own Excel sheet within the Excel workbook.


ENROLLMENT (Including Fall 2015) FORMAT
7-1 Student Level EXCEL
7-2 Annual Unduplicated Headcount EXCEL
7-3 Gender EXCEL
7-4 Race/Ethnicity EXCEL
7-5 Age EXCEL
7-6 Attendance Status EXCEL
7-7 Fall FTE Enrollment EXCEL
7-8 Annual FTE Enrollment EXCEL
8-1 Anytime EXCEL
8-2 Anytime 5 Year History EXCEL
8-3 Math EXCEL
8-4 English EXCEL
8-5 Reading EXCEL
8-6 Gender EXCEL
8-7 Race/Ethnicity EXCEL
8-8 Age EXCEL
8-9 Attendance Status EXCEL
8-10 Two Year Remediation Rates EXCEL
8-11 One Year Remediation Rates EXCEL
8-12 County EXCEL
8-13 High School District EXCEL
8-14 High School GPA EXCEL
8-15 Attempts EXCEL
4-A Fall-to-Fall Retention Rates for Cohort Students and Remediated Students EXCEL
4-B Statewide Fall-to-Fall Retention Rates for Cohort Students EXCEL
4-C Graduation and Success Rates EXCEL
4-D Graduation and Success Rates by Gender EXCEL
4-E Graduation and Success Rates by Race/Ethnicity EXCEL
4-F Graduation and Success Rates by Age EXCEL
4-G Graduation and Success Rates for Remediated and Non- Remediated Students EXCEL
4-H IPEDS GRS (Graduation Rate Survey) EXCEL