Here you will find information for institutions. This information is divided into four areas of focus, based on the department of a college or university that would be using it.

Academic Affairs

The main responsibilities of the Academic Affairs Division include policy development and implementation related to the Coordinating Board's statutory responsibilities and public policy initiatives.

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Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Division of ADHE is responsible for administering the State of Arkansas's scholarship and grant programs, including the lottery funded Academic Challenge.

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Government Relations & Student Success

The Government Relations and Student Success Division oversees various special projects including student success programs.

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Institutional Finance

The Institutional Finance division's responsibilities include development and recommendation of funding methodologies, collection and analysis of financial data, and publication of reports.

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Research and Analytics

The Research and Analytics Division provides Arkansas' decision-makers with information about student performance and institutional activity at the state's colleges and universities.

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Regional Workforce Grants

The Workforce Initiative Act Regional Workforce Grant Program seeks to create a statewide, comprehensive structure enabling students in Arkansas to participate in career and technical education programs.

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