Research and Planning Division 

January 26, 2012 Board Report


  1-1 by Student Level, Fall 2007-Fall 2011
1-2 by Academic Year and Institution, Annual Unduplicated Enrollment
1-3 by Gender
1-4 by Race/Ethnicity
1-5 by Age
1-6 by Attendance Status
1-7 SSCH and FTE, Fall
1-8 SSCH and FTE, Annual


  2-01 Summary
2-02 Five Years
2-03 Three-Year Remediation Rates - Math
2-04 Three-Year Remediation Rates - English
2-05 Three-Year Remediation Rates - Reading
2-06 by Gender
2-07 by Race/Ethnicity
2-08 by Age
2-09 by Attendance Status
2-10 Two-Years After High School
2-11 One-Year After High School
2-12 by County
2-13 by County, Two Years After High School
2-14 by County, One Year After High School
2-15 by High School District
2-16 by High School District, Two Years After High School
2-17 by High School District, One Year After High School

April 26, 2012 Board Report

Retention / Graduation
2-A. Fall to Fall
2-B. Fall to Fall, Remedial 
Graduation and Success Rates:   

2-C. Four-Year Universities
2-D. Two-Year Colleges
2-E. Institution, Four-Year Universities
2-F. Institution, Two-Year Colleges
2-G. Gender, Four-Year Universities
2-H. Gender, Two-Year Colleges
2-I.  Race, Four-Year Universities
2-J.  Race, Two-Year Colleges
2-K. Age, Four-Year Universities
2-L. Age, Two-Year College
2-M. Remedial Students            


3-A. Overall Participation
3-B. Retention Rate
3-C. Remedial Retention
3-D. Graduation Rate, Four-Year Universities
3-E. Graduation Rate, Two-Year Colleges
3-F. Graduation Rate by Sport, Four-Year Universities
3-G. Graduation Rate by Sport, Two-Year Colleges
3-H. Remediation Rate
3-I.  Remedial Graduation Rate

July 27, 2012 Board Report

College Going Rate

1-A. by Institution
1-B. History
1-C. NCES Table 209
1-D. by Race and Gender
1-E. by County
1-F. by High School District
1-G. by Institution