Form Number

Form Name                                                                                       Link   
1000 Original License Application Form
1030 License Renewal (School, Satellite, Traveling or Career Seminar license types) Form
1080 Extension Course Site License Application  Form
1305 Financial Information - Renewal Form
1320 Reporting of Sample Forms Form
1330 Decision of a Licensed School to Cease Operations in Arkansas Form
1340 Request for Licensure Exemption Form
2000 Program of Study Form
2015 New Programs for Licensed Career Seminar School Form
2020 Amendment to Approved Programs of Study Form
2025 Change in Name of School or Amendment to Location or Mailing Address Form
2030 Traveling School Notice of Move Form
3000 Instructor Record of Qualifications Form
3060 Drivers Education Instructor Record of Qualifications Form
3070 Certified Nursing Assistant Instructor Record  of Qualifications  Form
3080 Body Artist Instructor Registration Form Form
4500 Report and Student Protection Fund Bill Link
4600 Surety Bonds Form
5000 Admissions Representative Original Application Form
5020 Admissions Representative Renewal Application Form
6000 Fingerprint Verification Form for Partners or Shareholders Form
6050 Arkansas State Police Indentification Bureau Individual Record Check Form
7000 Catalog Amendment Bulletin Certification Form
8000 Notice to Students Form
8100 Legal Action Notification Form
9000 Bankruptcy Notification Form
  Transcript Request Form Form