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University of Arkansas System Administration

Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas

Year Founded: 1965

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Name Position Phone Email
Dr. Keith Pinchback Chancellor 870-338-6474 Ext. 1233
Mrs. Janice Smith Administrative Assistant to the Chancellor 870-338-6474 Ext. 1234
Dr. Deborah King Vice Chancellor for Instruction 870-338-6474 Ext. 1241
Mr. Stan Sullivant Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance 870-338-6474 Ext. 1274
Mr. Scott Post Vice Chancellor for Student Services and Registrar 870-338-6474 Ext. 1235
Mrs. Rhonda St. Columbia Vice Chancellor, College Advancement and Resource Development 870-338-6474 Ext. 1130
Mrs. Barbara Stevenson Director of Financial Aid 870-338-6474 Ext. 1160