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Public Two-Year Institution

Northwest Arkansas Community College

Year Founded: 1989
Enrollment: 7,979
Mascot: Eddie Eagle

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Staff Information

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Name Position Phone Email
Dr. Evelyn Jorgenson President 479-619-4190
Ms. Lindsey White Executive Assistant to the President 479-619-4191
Ms. Guilizar Baggson Interim Vice President of Finance and Administration 479-619-2203
Dr. Todd Kitchen Vice President of Student Services 479-619-4232
Mr. Tim Cornelius Vice President of Career & Workforce Education 479-619-3117
Dr. Ricky Tompkins Vice President for Learning 479-619-4325
Mr. Jim Hall Executive Director of Community and Government Relations 479-619-4182
Dr. Lisa Anderson Executive Director of Planning, Effectiveness & Public Relations 479-619-2227