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University of Arkansas System Administration

U of A Clinton School of Public Service

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Name Position Phone Email
Susan A. Hoffpauir Interim Dean 501-683-5200
Susan A. Hoffpauir Associate Dean 501-683-5202
Al Bavon Professor of Public Administration 501-683-5218
Warigia Bowman Assistant Professor of Social Change 501-683-5227
John M. A. DiPippa Dean Emeritus and Distinguished Professor of Law and Public Policy 501-683-5200
Don Ernst Instructor of Education Policy 501-683-5200
Ellen Fitzpatrick Associate Professor 501-683-5207
Marie Lindquist Director of Field Service Education 501-683-5213
Christina C. Standerfer Associate Professor of Communication 501-683-5215
Charlotte L. Williams Associate Professor and Director of the Center on Community Philanthropy 501-683-5203