SIS Database Software

Student Information System Academic Year Update Program

Windows Vista – ADHE does not, cannot and will not support Windows Vista for this version (v3.x.x) of the SIS system.`

Existing Installations – Download the software by clicking on one of the links below. Before you install new versions of the SIS validation software, follow these procedures.

Academic Year Microsoft Access Version
Access 97 Access 2000 (XP) Access 2002 Access 2003
2015-16 Not Supported* Not Supported load1516
2014-15 load1415
2013-14 load1314
2012-13 load1213
2011-12 load1112
2010-11 load1011
2009-10 load0910
2008-09 load0809
2007-08 - load0708 -
2006-07 load0607 load0607 -
2005-06 load0506 load0506 -
2004-05 load0405 load0405 -
2003-04 load0304 load0304 -
2002-03 load0203 load0203 -
2001-02 load0102 load0102 -

New Installations – Before installing the system on a new/upgraded machine it is important to make a backup of your existing Access sisdb.mdb database. We still have no method to recreate the data you’ve loaded into your database over the years. The software supporting this system is becoming very obsolete. We are attempting to keep it running until we can design a new system. Time is not kind to these old software systems, therefore you will likely experience problems trying to install it on a new machine. ADHE will work with you to get it to run.

Minimum hardware and OS requirements are listed below. Remember to check back to this page for software updates and support issues. For software support you can email me at:

Download the SISDB Complete Installation (16 MB download)

*If you still need Access 97 contact ADHE for advice on manually modifying your database. Access 2000 will run using the Access 2003 load programs.

CIP 2000

To update the SISdb database to CIP 2000 compliance download and run this patch program.

Download SisPatch0405

Note: this patch works for either Access 97 or Access 2000 versions of the database.

Office XP Users

Office XP users DO NOT CONVERT your SISDB database file to the version of Access included in Office XP(Office 2002). It will not work with the SIS software! And we have no plans to produce a compatible version before the next major release of SIS.

System Requirements

SISdb requires the following minimum resources to run properly:

Windows XP, 2000, NT 4
NOTE: Windows Vista is not supported at this time, install at your own inconvenience.
Pentium processor
32MB of RAM
10 MB free disk space
Windows compatible printer