Electronic Transcript System

In response to A.C.A. § 6-80-107, the Arkansas Department of Higher Education has determined that the standard format for the transmission of electronic transcripts will be the EDI standard TS130 (Student Educational Record) and TS131 Student Educational Record Acknowledgement formats. This data will be transmitted to ADHE using the UT Austin SPEEDE server.

ADHE requires only a small subset of the full TS131 record. The following elements found here are considered mandatory in order to fufill the intent of Arkansas Code 6-80-107. It is acceptable to send additional data as it will not be used by ADHE at this time. ADHE will acknowledge each transcript with a TS131 Acknowledgement. Below, you will find more information regarding the use of electronic transcripts.

Required Subset of TS131 Record
A.C.A. § 6-80-107 Requiring Use of Electronic Transcripts
EDI Electronic Transcript Layout (TS130)
EDI Electronic Transcript Acknowledgement Layout (TS131)
SPEEDE Recommended Implementation Practices
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