Series 17 Reports

The ADHE Series 17 reports the financial condition of an institution at the end of each fiscal year ending June 30. The Series 17 report is due on September 15 annually.

The series consists of the following nine reports:

  • Series 17-1: Summary of Income for all Fund Groups
  • Series 17-1 Supplemental: Detail of Series 17-1, Line 3: State Appropriations
  • Series 17-2: Summary of Expenditures for all Fund Groups
  • Series 17-2 Supplemental:  Detailed Portion of Series 17-2, Line 19:  Mandatory Transfers for Maintenance
  • Series 17-3: Auxiliary Enterprise Cash Income and Expenses
  • Series 17-4: Balance Sheet Summary and Changes in Fund Balances
  • Series 17-5: Summary of Plant Debt Outstanding, Issued and Retired
  • Series 17-6: Unrestricted Current Educational and General Funds Actual Expenditures/Budgeted Expenditures and Income
  • Series 17-7A: Unrestricted Educational and General Funds
  • Series 17-7B: Restricted Educational and General Funds
  • Series 17-8: Equipment Inventory, Purchases and Outright Purchase of Other Capital Assets from Current Fund Source

Below you will find links to the full Series 17 Reports for each institution in a given year. These reports can be downloaded in excel format. We have also provided a PDF summary report for each year that includes the basic revenue and expenditure reports (Series 17-1 and Series 17-2).

Archive of Series 17 Reports

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