Open Checkbook Policy

The following points outline the ADHE policy for the expenditure websites:
1. Institutions may use PDFs, Excel files or a database to present expenditure data.
2. The information will be updated on the website no less frequently than quarterly and will include YTD amounts. Some institutions may update their information monthly but update data to the expenditure website only quarterly.
3. The updates must be reported on the expenditure website within 30 days of the quarter end, i.e. the first quarter ends September 30 so the deadline for the updates to the website would be October 31.
4. If private funds are given and used for public expenses, they must be reported.
5. Vendor information has to be reported by at least a summary and then possibly in detail.
6. Institutions will follow their current retention policies.
7. No agency funds will be included.
8. No garnishments will be listed under Compensation.
9. No student workers will be included per FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). Anything related to students cannot be reported.
10. ADHE will have a webpage developed and accessible by July 2012 which will house links to each institutions’ expenditure data website.
11. The first quarter of data will need to be added to the ADHE and institutions websites by October 31, 2012.

July 1, 2012