In fall 2014, 41.4% of Arkansas students enrolled in at least one remedial course. At four-year universities, that rate was 28.8% and at two-year colleges it was 67.2%. Examining these rates by student demographic characteristics provides more detail about remediation. For students in all age groups from age 20 to age 55 and up, remediation rates exceed 75% at four-year institutions and 80% at two-year institutions. By race and ethnicity, remediation rates are highest for African-American and Hispanic students. For too many Arkansas students, achieving their goal of completing a certificate or degree program is delayed, or thwarted, by required enrollment in remedial courses. Although these courses are essential to preparing students for success in college-level courses, they also add to the cost and time required to complete.

Master Plan Goals Relevant to Remediation:

GOAL 1: Raise completion and graduation rates for colleges and universities by 10%.

Work Group

The represententatives below will be responsible for planning and presenting implementation strategies for the Remediation section of the master plan. If you have ideas or information to contribute, feel free to contact one of the members below.

Representative Institution Email
Paul Beran, Chair University of Arkansas Fort Smith
Amy Baldwin University of Central Arkansas
Sherri Bennett Arkansas Northeastern College
Marla Strecker Arkansas Department of Higher Education
Mark Spencer University of Arkansas at Monticello
Pat Simms College of the Ouachitas
Ted Kalthoff Arkansas State University - Beebe
David Underwood Arkansas Tech University
Ricky Tompkins Northwest Arkansas Community College
Ann Clemmer Arkansas Department of Higher Education

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