Non-Formula Funding



State funding for higher education, through both financial aid programs and institutional funding, must align with the statewide objective of improving educational attainment. To that end, institutional funding formulas should be based on metrics which align with state goals and should provide rewards to institutions which work to achieve these goals. In addition to a funding formula for traditional institutions, a goal of the master plan is to determine the best way to asses funding needs of non-formula institutions

Master Plan Goals Relevant to Non-Formula Funding:

GOAL 4: Improve College Affordability through Effective Resource Allocation

Work Group

The represententatives below will be responsible for planning and presenting implementation strategies for the Non-Formula Funding section of the master plan. If you have ideas or information to contribute, feel free to contact one of the members below.

Representative Institution Email
Sandra Robertson, Chair University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Tony Windham UA Division of Agriculture
Cheryl May UA Criminal Justice Institute cpmay@cji@edu
Stephanie Gardner University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Julie Bates Arkansas State University System Administration
Callie Dunavin ADTEC
Tara Smith Arkansas Department of Higher Education

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