Institutional Funding



State funding for higher education, through both financial aid programs and institutional funding, must align with the statewide objective of improving educational attainment. To that end, institutional funding formulas should be based on metrics which align with state goals and should provide rewards to institutions which work to achieve these goals.

Master Plan Goals Relevant to Institutional Funding:

GOAL 4: Improve College Affordability through Effective Resource Allocation

Work Group

The represententatives below will be responsible for planning and presenting implementation strategies for the Institutional Funding section of the master plan. If you have ideas or information to contribute, feel free to contact one of the members below.

Representative Institution Email
Glen Jones, Chair Henderson State University
Rita Fleming University of Arkansas System Administration
Gary Gunderman University of Arkansas Fayetteville
Diane Newton University of Central Arkansas
Robin Bowen Arkansas Tech University
Margaret Ellibee Pulaski Technical College
John Hogan National Park College
Debi Buckley Northwest Arkansas Community College
Julie Bates Arkansas State University System
Tara Smith Arkansas Department of Higher Education

Meetings and Resources

Upcoming Meetings

Notes From Past Meetings

October 6
November 23
December 8 - Institutional Funding Workshop
January 7
February 4
March 3

Other Resources

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Funding Workshop Documents
     Design Principles Exploration
     Stand in the Future
     Thinking Spaces