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According to the Lumnia Foundation's 2015 annual report, A Stronger Nation through Higher Education, Arkansas is home to over 500,000 adults, or almost 35% of the population, who are high school graduates but have completed no college hours. Another 350,000 have some college credits but no degree. Based on these statistics, it is clear that a significant change in higher education attainment levels in the state can only be achieved through a concentrated effort to encourage adults to return to college, or enroll for the first time.

Master Plan Goals Relevant to Adult Learners:

GOAL 2: Increase by 50% the enrollment of adults, age 25 to 54 by fall 2018.

Work Group

The represententatives below will be responsible for planning and presenting implementation strategies for the Adult Learners section of the master plan. If you have ideas or information to contribute, feel free to contact one of the members below.

Representative Institution Email
Michael Moore, Chair University of Arkansas System Adminstration
Marie Parker Cossatot Community College of the University of Arkansas
Karen Liebhaber Black River Technical College
Rhonda Carroll Pulaski Technical College
Jeremy Reece Arkansas State University Mid-South
Jaqueline Faulkner Arkansas State University Newport
Javier Reyes University of Arkansas Fayetteville
Hazel Linton University of Arkansas Pine Bluff
Tracy Finch Arkansas State University Jonesboro
Ann Clemmer Arkansas Department of Higher Education

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