Student Information System Manuals

The Student Information System (SIS) is operated and maintained as a clearinghouse of student enrollment information for postsecondary institutions in Arkansas. Below, you will find the current SIS Reference Manuals for Public and Private Institutions.

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Table of Contents public private
     Calendar  public  private
     Contacts  public  private
     Revisions Overview  public  private
     Preparing Files for Submission  public  private
     Grade Update File (GUP)  public  
Term Files    
Student public private
Credit Course public  
Registration / End of Term public private
Term Instructor public  
Workforce Education public  
Annual Files    
Student Financial Aid public private
Graduated Student public private
Annual Instructor public  
Intercollegiate Athletic public  
Perkins I, Special Populations public  
Perkins II, Annual Assessment public  
Preliminary Fall Census Enrollment, Annual Report  public  private
     FICE Code and Institution Abbreviations  public  private
     County and Parish Codes  public  private
     State Codes  public  private
     High School Codes  public  private
     Secondary Area Centers  public  private
     IPEDS  public  private
     Glossary public  private
     SIS Data Files and Report Descriptions  public  private
Annual Reports (non-SIS)    
     Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) Instructions, RPTA Form,
     ACTS Form, Course Index
     Compensatory Options Awarded to Students called into Military Service Memo,
     Student Form, Dependent Form
Clarifying Memos    
CIP Codes Classification of Instructional Program (CIP)     
     2000-2010 CIP Code Crosswalk    
Nursing and Independent SIS File Submission Templates    
     2016-2017 Template for Independent Institutions - Annual Files    
     2017-2018 Template for Independent Institutions - Term Files    

Archive of SIS Manuals

Academic Year 2016-17 Public Private
Academic Year 2015-16 Public Private
Academic Year 2014-15 Public Private
Academic Year 2013-14 Public Private
Academic Year 2012-13 Public Private
Academic Year 2011-12 Public Private
Academic Year 2010-11 Public Private