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Institutional Reporting Calendar
The Institutional Reporting Calendar is subject to change.
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Student Information System (SIS)
The Student Information System is operated and maintained as a clearinghouse of student enrollment information for postsecondary institutions in Arkansas.

Reference Manuals for Public and Independent Institutions 
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Exception Request
ACTS Course Transfer System (ACTS)
Instructions, RPTA Form, ACTS Form, ACT Course Index XLS
Archival CIP Codes | 1990-2000  | IES 2000-2010 CrossWalk WEB
ACT Test Center Codes WEB
SISdb Software WEB
Preliminary Enrollment (form) XLS
Integrated Postsecondary Education Data Service (IPEDS)
IPEDS began in 1986 and involves annual institution-level data collections. All postsecondary institutions that have a Program Participation Agreement with the Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE), U.S. Department of Education are required to report data using a web-based data collection system.
IPEDS Glossary WEB
IPEDS Survey Glossary (2014-2015)
IPEDS Student Unit Record Feasibility Study  WEB
IPEDS Unit Record Data Collection  WEB
Standard Occupational Classifications (S.O.C.) Codes (2012-2013) WEB
College and University Professional Association (C.U.P.A.)
Position Descriptions
Desegregation Plan Progress Report (OCR)

These reports are requested as part of the desegregation for the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) in carrying out its overall compliance responsibilities. They are requested as part of the desegregation by this reporting requirement to conduct similar surveys to provide OCR with data by sex and/or other racial/ethnic groups.

OCR A5 | Composition of Governing Boards for Higher Education:   Cover Page     Report 

OCR B1 | Applications, Acceptances, and Enrollments:  Cover Page     Report    

Military Service Compensatory Report
Act 85 of 2005 established an annual fiscal year reporting requirement for public institutions of higher education and the Department of Higher Education concerning the type and amount of compensatory options awarded to the student called to military service. Act 16 of 2007 expands this reporting requirement beginning in September, 2008 to the student whose spouse is called into military service and either the student or the student’s spouse has dependent children residing in the household.
Act 85 | Military Service Compensatory Legislation PDF
Appendix M1 | Military Service Compensatory Report Memorandum PDF
Appendix M2 | Military Service Compensatory Report-Student XLS
Appendix M3 | Military Service Compensatory Report-Spouse XLS
Electronic Transcript System
In response to Arkansas Code 6-80-107, the Arkansas Department of Higher Education has determined that the standard format for the transmission of electronic transcripts will be the EDI standard TS130 (Student Educational Record) and TS131 Student Educational Record Acknowledgement formats. This data will be transmitted to ADHE using the UT Austin SPEEDE server.
Electronic Transcripts Implementation Guidelines PDF
Arkansas Code 6-80-107 requiring use of Electronic Transcripts 6-80-107 PDF
Amendment to A.C. 6-80-107 (HB2335) PDF
EDI Electronic Transcript Layout (TS130) PDF
EDI Electronic Transcript Acknowledgement Layout (TS131) PDF
SPEEDE Recommended Implementation Practices PDF
SPEEDE Server | University of Texas at Austin WEB