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Academic Year 2012- 2013

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A. FICE Codes and Institution Abbreviations
B. County and Parish Codes
C. State Codes
D. High School Codes
E. Secondary Area Centers
F. Freshman Assessment and Placement  |  Conditional Admission
G. Glossary
H. Residency Classification 
I. NCES / IPEDS Overview
I.2. IPEDS Completions Upload
J. Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS):
     Instructions | RPTA Form | ACTS Form | Acts Course Index
K. Program Descriptions for Educational CIP Codes (CIP 13)
L. Summary of Selected Legislation Related to ADHE Reporting


Compensatory Options Awarded to Students Called to Military Service:       Act |  Memo | Student Form | Dependent Form
N. (Reserved for later use)
O. Clarifying Memos
P. Preliminary Enrollment, Fall Census Survey 

SIS Data Files and Report Descriptions