Institutional Finance Division

Biennial Appropriation Process

Capital Request Templates and Instructions
Instructions DOC
Example DOC
Narrative DOC
Forms 1 & 2 XLS
Personal Services Templates and Instructions

Below you will find instructions and forms for completing the biennial Non-Classified personal service request. Please return your completed requests as specified in the instructions by April 25, 2014. If you have questions about the requests or forms please contact Callan Callaway at 501-371-2037 or or Tara Smith at 501-371-2026 or

Instructions PDF
Form A WEB
Form B XLS
Nonformula Operating Requests
Below you will find instructions and forms for your 2015-17 appropriation request. New appropriations will be driven by an amount for continuing level of operations and program enhancements justified through the request process. The percentage for continuing level operations is 3%. This applies only to the general revenue portion of your budget.

Please return your completed Appropriation Request Forms no later than April 25, 2014.  Email electronic copies to Tara Smith:

If you have questions regarding either the instructions or the forms, please contact Tara Smith at 501-371-2026 or

Instructions PDF
Form A DOC
Forms B and C XLS

Series 15 Legislative Request Forms

Series 15 Memo, Instructions, General Revenue Sheet for 2013-14, General Revenue Sheet for 2014-15 & AHECB Operating Recommendations PDF
Series 15 Narrative Form DOC
Series 15-1, 15-2, 15-3, 15-4, 15-5, 15-6, & Minority Contract Forms XLS
Series 15 Example XLS


Facilities Audit Program (FAP)
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Special Language Requests
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