Academic Affairs Division

Institutional Certification

The Arkansas Legislature granted authority to the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board (AHECB) to provide for the orderly development of higher education and to protect Arkansas students from fraudulent or inferior programs and to certify college-level programs offered by non-public for-profit and out-of-state institutions.

The legislation authorized the Coordinating Board to appoint a nine-member advisory committee, the Institutional Certification Advisory Committee (ICAC), to assist the ICAC Coordinator, Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE) staff, and the Coordinating Board in the development of certification rules and the review of applications submitted by out-of-state and non-public institutionsfor certification. 

For questions about institutional certification, please contact the ICAC Coordinator.

Helpful Information
Institutional Certification Process PDF
Academic Proposal Submission Deadlines PDF
Certification Fees and Surety Bonds PDF
Institutions Authorized to Operate in Arkansas PDF
Diploma Mills and Fake Degrees PDF
Appendix A: Organization and Structure PDF
Appendix B: Arkansas Code PDF
Appendix C: Types of Reviews PDF
Appendix D: Licensure and Approval by Other Agencies PDF
Appendix E: Timeline PDF
Appendix F:  Fees and Surety Bonds PDF
Appendix G: Description of Degree Requirements PDF
Appendix H: Credit Hour Value and Length of Term PDF
Appendix I: General Education Requirements for Arkansas PDF
Appendix J: Student Grievance Procedure PDF
Appendix K: Review Team and Review Team Visit PDF
Appendix L: Appeal Process for Institutions PDF
Appendix M: Definitions PDF
Appendix N: Arkansas Public and Independent Colleges and Universities PDF
Form 1: Letter of Notification | Intent to Submit Proposals Doc
Form 2: Letter of Notification | Submission of Changes DOC
Form 3: Institution Information for All Applications | Program Review Template DOC
Form 4: Application for Certification of Course/Degree Program | On-Site Template DOC
Form 5: Application for Certification of Course/Degree Program | Distance Delivery Template PDF
Form 6: Application for Recertification DOC
Form 8: Application for Decertification of Course/Degree Program and /or Institution PDF
Form 9: Application for Certification of a New Institution: Planning and Development | On-Site Delivery DOC
Form 10: Application for Certification of a New Institution: Planning and Development | Distance Delivery DOC
Form 10-E: Application for Certification of an Institution: Planning and Development for Academic Degrees DOC
Form 11: Application for Certification of New Options, Specialization, or Emphasis Template Exceeding 18 Semester Credit Hours (27 Credit Quarter Credit Hours) DOC
Form 12: Administrator Chart DOC
Form 13: Faculty Chart XLS
Form 14: Class to Credit Hours Conversion Sheet PDF
Form 15: Bond and Annual Tuition Report DOC
Form 16: Consumer Disclosure DOC
Form 17A: Request for Exemption from Certification DOC
Form 17B: Request for Exemption from Certification             DOC
Form 18A: Request for Renewal from Exemption from Certification DOC
Form 18B: Request for Renewal from Exemption from Certification DOC
Form 19: Letter of Appeal for Institutions DOC