ADHE Divisions

The Arkansas Department of Higher Education is separated into a number of divisions geared toward specific functions of the department.  These divisions are Academic Affairs, Financial Aid, Institutional Finance and Research and Planning.  The Carl D. Perkins CTE Program and Arkansas Career Pathways Initiative are managed by the Academic Affairs division.

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs division coordinates, reviews, and administers academic policies and programs. The section's main responsibilities include:

  • Policy development and implementation related to the Coordinating Board's statutory responsibilities and major public policy initiatives, including review and approval of new academic programs for public colleges and universities; review of existing programs; transfer and articulation, assessment of general education, and institutional and program certification
  • Administration of federally funded grant programs (Perkins, Career Pathways Initiative)
  • Liaison relationships with chief academic officers, state, regional and national groups influencing higher education

Financial Aid Division

The Financial Aid division administers all of the financial aid programs for higher education in Arkansas. The section's major responsibilities include:

  • Developing and disseminating information regarding financial aid programs
  • Developing, distributing and processing financial aid applications
  • Evaluating, awarding and distributing funds for financial aid programs
  • Administration of federally funded grant programs
  • Liaison relationships with financial aid directors, state, regional and national groups influencing financial aid in higher education

Institutional Finance Division

The Institutional Finance division works with the finances of public institutions of higher education in Arkansas. The division provides consultative and data services to the general public, legislative and executive branches, and institutional staffs. The office’s main responsibilities include: primary responsibility is to develop and present to the legislature recommendations for operating appropriations, capital project funding and recommendations on the numbers and types of personnel position as well as recommendations for line-item maximum salaries.

  • Development and recommendation of funding methodologies models
  • Collection, review and analysis of financial data
  • Publication of data financial  information
  • Provide in-service training for fiscal officers
  • Consult with institutions’ finance staff

Research & Planning Division

The Research and Planning division provides Arkansas’ top-level higher education decision-makers with information about student performance and institutional activity at the state’s colleges and universities.

  • Produces a wide array of reports concerning student enrollments, enrollment patterns, demographics, degrees awarded, and SSCH / FTE used in institutional funding
  • Manages the statewide Student Information System
  • Coordinates other reporting activities such as IPEDS

Carl D. Perkins CTE Program

The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 (Perkins IV) provides a renewed vision of career and technical education programs for the 21st century. The Act envisions that all students will achieve challenging academic and technical standards and be prepared for high skill, high wage, or high demand occupations in current or emerging professions. Perkins IV provides an increased focus on academic achievement of career and technical education students, increases State and local accountability, and strengthens the connections between secondary and postsecondary education.

Link to Carl D. Perkins CTE Postsecondary Program Website

Arkansas Career Pathways

The Arkansas Career Pathways Initiative is a program that enables your local two-year college to offer those who qualify career training and college classes. Pathways can assist in obtaining a GED, and the campus may have funds available for:

  • Tuition and Textbooks
  • Childcare
  • Transportation

Link to Arkansas Career Pathways Initiative Website