Travel Guidance 

The following guidance applies to each time you travel (i.e. each action item/form should be completed for each reimbursement request). The following is guidance which applies to all State employees, but has been adopted by the agency to also apply to all guest travelers, contractors, coaches, or other vendors participating in CCA or any other related event or initiative sponsored by ADHE. These guidelines are subject to change without notice and do not necessarily represent the same rules/regs of other state agencies, independent orgnizations (e.g. AATYC), or Arkansas institutions of higher education.



  • Contact:
    The institution you are meeting with AND Amy Baldwin with a schedule (ADHE must have this schedule prior to travel to generate a travel “authorization” – internal, but mandatory for any in-state or out-of-state guest traveler;
  • Download the 2011-2012 federal per diem guidance for Arkansas;
    ADHE will not pay over the per diem for the region listed on meals and incidental expenses (“M&IE”);
    Also note that the first day and last day of travel for M&IE will be 75% of the listed total M&IE per diem;
    Most hotel rates are over the Arkansas per diem, however, you may contact Jami Fisher in advance and we will likely cover cost of the hotel over per diem;


  • Keep all line-item receipts (sign each receipt); keep in mind that ADHE will NOT reimburse for a hotel itinerary/confirmation – it must be a copy of the hotel bill/statement (signed by you); this may be an issue when using online services such as priceline or orbitz in which many hotels will not furnish an actual record of stay/hotel bill because the payer is the online service - please contact the hotel directly or go to their website to book your stay and make sure you obtain a copy of the hotel bill to use for reimbursement purposes;


  • Download and complete this (“TR1”) travel reimbursement request form upon returning from your trip;
  • Copy all signed receipts to attach to your TR1 (We do NOT need original receipts, a copy of the receipts will be sufficient, but they must be line-item receipts - signed credit card receipts without line-item subtotals will not be reimbursed);
  • If you used a personal vehicle for travel, you must provide miles driven, beginning and ending odometer reading, and a printed/scanned copy of directions (which will include estimated total miles) from (point A to point B is required; ADHE will reimburse for additional vicinity miles driven);
  • Scan the signed TR1 as a PDF (along with receipts) and email to Jami Fisher (ADHE) for quickest processing; alternatively you can snail-mail copies to ADHE (Attn: CCA/Jami Fisher), 114 E. Capitol Ave., Little Rock, AR 72201; we will NOT accept faxed copies as these are often too difficult to read;
  • Attach a completed, signed (scanned PDF) W-9 to attach to the TR1 reimbursement packet request (the W9 is NOT for tax purposes, but is required for ADHE to setup individuals as vendors in our computerized procurement system), if you want to have your business/institution name on the check, please match the name on the W-9 with the name on the TR1 – this is the person/entity to which ADHE will issue a check.

Items allowable for reimbursement
(not an exhaustive list)

  • Tips on food/taxi/etc for up 15% of the amount of the purchase (items must be documented on a receipt - tips, for example, must be documented on a credit card receipt or other official form showing how much was spent)
  • State/local tax included on all purchases
  • Airfare (including booking fees, other fees, taxes and surcharges)
  • Internet/wireless/phone fees
  • Hotel rate (contact ADHE prior to travel if over Arkansas per diem; all hotel charges must be detailed on a hotel bill/statement NOT an itinerary/confirmation)
  • Baggage (up to $50 for round-trip or the first bag; a second bag will not be reimbursed) if not included in airfare
  • Taxi/shuttle (plus tip of up to 15%)
  • Rental car (pluse gas with receipt if applicable)
  • Miles driven ($0.42 per mile for use of personal vehicle if claiming)
  • Parking lot/deck fee
  • Registration fee

Items NOT allowed for reimbursement
(will be deducted from the total per day allowed per diem)

  • Over federal per diem (daily basis)
  • Alcohol
  • Entertainment expenses
  • Mini-bar purchases
  • Trip protection/insurance
  • Tips over 15% on common purchases/services (or any cash tips not documented on a receipt)


Without the following, a check will not be sent and processing may be delayed:

  • Signed TR1
  • Signed [copies of] line-item receipts
  • Mapquest with directions and estimated miles (if claiming mileage reimbursement for use of a personal vehicle)
  • Signed W-9


If you have contracted with ADHE to bill for each site-visit and/or phone conference, please invoice separately the cost of those items - they will not be paid with a travel reimbursement, nor should they be listed on the TR1. They may be sent at the same time, but please use a generic invoice template (or this basic Word template) which should note amount or rate, date of visit and/or conference call, which institution, faculty/staff involved, and services performed. Please send this invoice to Jami Fisher (if billing ADHE) via email, or snail-mail to: ADHE (Attn: CCA/Jami Fisher), 114 E. Capitol Ave., Little Rock, AR 72201.


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