Code for Measure C08

Low Income Students (Pell Recipients)
This is a headcount of low-income students divided by overall credential-seeking headcount. Low-income is defined as receiving Pell. Up to one compensatory point will be added to total mandatory points based on percentage of students who receive Pell. (Ex: 50% of students receive Pell = 0.50 compensatory point.) Total mandatory points may not exceed six.

SQL statements are in RED.

SELECT s.academic_year,
FROM student_table s
JOIN fice_table f
ON s.fice_code = f.fice_code
WHERE f.inst_type IN ('2')
AND s.academic_year IN ('2006', '2007', '2008', '2009', '2010', '2011')
AND s.pell_recipient = '1'
GROUP BY s.academic_year,
f.inst_type, f.school_abbr
ORDER BY s.academic_year,
f.inst_type, f.school_abbr;