Financial Aid Division

The Financial Aid Division administers most of the financial aid programs for higher education in Arkansas.  The division's major responsibilities include printing, distribution and processing financial aid applications and distributing financial aid funds to institutions. For additional information about financial aid, call us at 1-800-54-STUDY, or in the Little Rock area, 501-371-2050, or e-mail us at

Disclaimer: The laws, rules, regulations, award amounts, amount of awardees, eligibility criteria, funding per program, etc. are subject to change at any point prior to, during or after application through the YOUniversal application. These changes will be based on changes in law or funding provided by the Arkansas General Assembly. It is understood that ADHE is not at fault for any changes that occur to any financial aid program.

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Division Staff

Name Title Telephone E-Mail
Philip Axelroth Financial Aid Program Coordinator, WIG501-371-2052E-Mail
Elyse Price Financial Aid Program Coordinator, ACS501-371-2054E-Mail
Vacant Program Specialist for GO and GS501-371-2050E-Mail
Margaret Baltz Administrative Specialist III and SES501-371-2050E-Mail
Ameedah Munir Administrative Specialist III501-371-2015E-Mail
Lisa Smith Program Specialist for STEP, TOP, SREB and Outreach501-371-2055E-Mail
Chris Wilson Program Specialist for STAR, MMF, MTSP, ARHEG, GTIP, MDS and LEO 501-371-1049E-Mail
Kristi Rainwater Program Specialist for Academic Challenge501-371-2056E-Mail