Student Data

The Student Table in the Student Information System Database (SISDB) contains a laundry list of information about students enrolled in Arkansas institutions of higher education. Student data is provided by 4-year public institutions, 2-year public institutions, and private institutions. This list of information includes data such as home state and county, gender, race, date of birth, attendance status (full-time v. part-time), high school graduation year, admissions exam scores (such as the ACT test), and much more.

Students enrolled in Arkansas institutions of higher education are very diverse. For the 2008 Fall term, white students made up 73.0 percent of the student body and blacks constitute 17.9 percent. Arkansas also has a significant number of Hispanic (2.6%), Asian (1.7%), and American Indian or Alaskan students (1.1%).

In addition, for the 2008 Fall Term, females made up 58.3 percent of the student population and males 41.7 percent.

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